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    FREE Danbury Fair Racearena Stock Car Racing DVD

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    FREE Danbury Fair Racearena Stock Car Racing DVD

    Post by kaptainsteve on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:37 am

    Auto Racing Clips from The GREAT Danbury Fair Racearena.

    Video clips spanning all decades from dirt to asphalt and from flatheads to overhead valve v-8's.

    Dvd has nice animated menu and Paul Baker welcomes you!

    There has never been racing as exciting and intense as the old Danbury Fair Racearena in Danbury, CT. It closed in 1981, but it's legend lives on. No other track ever compared to the GREAT Danbury Fair Racearena.

    The Racearena was one of the Auto Racing Speedways at the Danbury Fair. There was auto racing their for much of the 20th century and some sort of racing there for more than one century, whether it be horses, automobiles, boats, midgets or ostriches.

    If you ever attended the old Racearena, or know someone who did, they will tell you that there was no other place in North American that compared. The plant itself was beautiful and always well groomed. It was spotless and always brightly painted. The fans and racers were ferocious. The cars were loud and the grandstands louder. People bought beer by the double decker trayloads and the races usually lasted to about midnight.

    Whether you like Don Lajoie, Gino Spada or Big Ev Pierce, there was fun for all.

    God Bless the Racearena.


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