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The Danbury Fair / Racearena Webpage... This is an open group for those who wish to reminisce about old times at the Danbury Fair and the Danbury Fair Speedway's Racearena. Please feel free to post stories and photos, and discuss things of interest to Racearena or Fair fans. And, don't forget to check out the photo galleries or "albums." of all your favorite drivers! You can use the following link or just navigate downward and there is a menu with links to your favorite drivers already in alphabetical order, facebook doesn't do that. I do that.

If everyone could scan pictures from that old worn shoe box they got in the bottom of the closet of their favorite drivers and upload them here for safe keeping before they are gone forever, that would be great! I'mj all out of pictures myself so please, jump in and upload some stuff.

If you have Danbury Fair or Racearena memorabilia like Racearena Revues or 75 foot tall Paul Bunyon statues and want to sell or trade it go ahead and list it here, but please only stuff of interest to Fair or Racearena fans.

The only rule is that there are no rules. But remember, this applies to the moderators too...

Peace & Love & Be Nice.




Danbury Fair Racearena Facts;


Located at the Danbury Fairgrounds

1/2 mile dirt oval (October 6, 1908 - October 7, 1939)

The grandstands were destroyed by fire on October 8, 1922

1/5 mile paved oval (June 1, 1940 - May 10, 1942) (September, 1945 - 1947)

1/4 mile paved oval (May 31, 1947 - September 30, 1951)

1/3 mile dirt oval (October 5, 1951 - October 8, 1955) (June 7, 1958)

1/3 mile paved oval (June 14, 1958 - October 12, 1981)

Held boat racing in a moat outside of track in August of 1958

Home track of Southern NY Racing Association (1952-1955) (1958-1981)

AKA: Danbury Fair Race Track, Danbury Speedway, Danbury Fair Speedways

Dirt era Danbury

Located in Southwestern Danbury, the Racearena featured several different track configurations during its existence. From its formative years as a horse track to its familiar 1/3 mile paved layout, the track hosted a variety of divisions.

Midgets and Modified Stock Cars were often main divisions at the track.

John Leahy owned the fair from the 1940s until his death in 1975

Year Modified ## Sportsman ##
1959 Paul Pettit #
1960 Chick Stockwell #
1961 Chick Stockwell #
1962 Chick Stockwell #
1963 Chick Stockwell #
1964 Dick Barlow #
1965 Jimmy Smith #
1966 Jimmy Smith #
1967 Jimmy Smith #
1968 Chick Stockwell #
1969 Jimmy Smith #
1970 Chick Stockwell #
1971 Chick Stockwell #
1972 Kenny Webb #
1973 Jimmy Smith #
1974 Don LaJoie #
1975 Don LaJoie #
1976 Don LaJoie #
1977 Kenny Webb #
1978 Don LaJoie #
1979 Don LaJoie # John Hoffman #
1980 Art Davis # John Pasquence#
1981 Rit Patchen # Randy LaJoie #




P.S., If there are any errors like names or dates, etc., please put corrections in comment under the picture so the description can be updated. All pictures posted here are public domain and obtained from the internet's wide open digital world, namely they were taken from Google and if Google can host them, then it must be ok for us to host them too. If there are any pictures that you feel don't belong, let us know and we'll remove them if you can establish and provide proof of ownership and ownership to the copyright of any photo in question.

The old driver photo galleries have been transferred over to the new website at http://racearena.us .


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Welcome to the official and definitive
Danbury Fair &
Danbury Fair Speedways Racearena

We have a nice 'n easy url; http://racearena.us, or simply type "racearena.us" into your browser and you'll get here.

Photos of all the Racearena drivers have been uploaded in approximately 200 organized driver/fair photo galleries . Click GALLERIES on top right of page or on the right and they will appear in an nice 'n easy alphabetized list. We are the most complete/PERMANENT Danbury Fair & Racearena archive on the 'net and if we ain't, tell us why but send in more pictures for us to post first! Just remember, the PORTAL page is our homebase.

This is a work in progress, and is a way to get the archives up, available, complete as possible, and permanent. The website is only as good as the contributions from it's members. This is not the typical ONE owner/contributor website. So please, feel free to join and UPLOAD Danbury Fair and Racearena pictures! To keep this thing alive and complete as possible we need volunteers uploading photos that only they may have!

Nothing costs money. It's all free. There's nothing stopping you! Just hit the post button on the top right of the page and upload your stuff! If you keep the stuff to yourself or just post it on facebook it will be lost forever...

is not the answer. After a period of time the pictures wind up in no order and virtually unavailable without hours spent hunting. Comments and info winds up lost and pushed back into a far away jungle of disorganized comments and photo streams. Here, the photo galleries are alphabetized and easily accessed by clicking a link on top of the page. With a just a little bit of effort, this thing has been done right, thoroughly and permanently.

Please, feel free to sign up, join, post stories, and upload pictures here of anything you believe is of interest to Fair or Racearena fans. Post new photos of drivers in the comment sections of your driver in the Driver Photo GALLERIES. If you have a driver that does not have a gallery yet, then just post it in the forum here . For new drivers please put "[Gallery, Driver]" in the title so it can be searched. If this is too complicated, then just post it and I will take care of it for you.

The layout is fairly simple. All the links you need are on top of the page. Have fun. This site has everything facebook has and more. Time to move beyond facebook! Let's stop making Zuck even richer! Anyone can join, participate, upload photos, write articles or comments or contribute.

This website is permanent and will be here forever. If anything happens to the stored photos, I have backed everything up so it can be reconstituted.

Remember, there are no rules except 312ci max and all races must be complete by 12:00pm curfew.

***eXtra Bonus***

FREE DVD / ISO image download of Racearena action HERE!!!!

*Please, if you "use" our photos on your Facebook or website, show us some love by leaving our watermark on the picture.

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